Cellulite Smoothing Balm

Regular use of our Cellulite Smoothing Birch Balm tones and firms the surface skin, helping reduce the appearance of cellulite. Organic Birch extract promotes healthy, radiant looking skin. It has natural essential oils combined with the plant extracts that tone, leaving the skin feeling and looking firm and supple.


  • Helps reducing appearance of cellulite
  • Leaves skin feeling & looking firm
  • Free from parabens and phthalates
  • Free from synthetic preservatives & fragrances


Cellulite gets visibly toned down after just one month with this revitalizing balm. Birch Oil is known for it's purifying and detoxifying effects, promotes radiant skin with noticeably improved texture and smoothness. A clinically proven treatment that nourishes, smooth's, tones and support's the overall health of your skin.






Cellulite Smoothing Balm

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  • Ingredients: Vitellaria paradoxa , Theobroma Cacao , Cera alba, Argania spinosa L , Betula lenta , gamma-tocopherol (γ-tocopherol), V. planifolia . Exclusive Beauty Brew Proprietary Blend. 2.3 oz.

  • Massage generously into your butt, thighs and legs at least twice a day for best results.

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