Cacao Balm For Dry Skin & Very Dry Skin

Everyone needs a luxurious balm in their lineup—for nighttime, for wintertime, for any time your face needs nourishing, comforting hydration. Cacao butter is loaded with active minerals and nutrients that will help restore and repair dry, damaged skin.

Cacao butter has a high antioxidant content which is great for fighting off free radicals. Free radical damage can be caused by anything from pollution to sun exposure resulting in the appearance of an aged, dull and tired complexion.


This luxuriously rich balm blends Cacao Butter and Coffee Oil to repair and revive moisture-starved skin. Protects from dryness caused by over-exposure, helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and soothes the discomforts of stretched skin during and after pregnancy.


Cacao Balm For Dry Skin & Very Dry Skin

  • Vitellaria paradoxa , Theobroma Cacao , Cera alba,  C. arabica. Robusta, V. planifolia . Exclusive Beauty Brew Proprietary Blend. 2.3 oz.

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