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The best way to heal a Tattoo

The excitement of having a new tattoo can be a total rush,

you want to show friends, post pictures, wear clothing to show it off. But waiting for your new ink to heal and making sure it heals well is extremely important, too. You'll have it forever, after all!

The most crucial part of healing a new tattoo is your overall health and hygiene. Always listen to your artist and keep it covered as long as they recommend. Make sure to wash your hands and wear gloves before touching your tattoo. Remember, your skin is your largest organ and when it's opened, you are more prone to infection. Keep it clean!

Don't scratch your tattoo or pick at scabs. Picking at a scab or scratching your new tattoo while it's healing can remove the ink, which will prevent it from healing properly and will make it look bad.

The larger the tattoo, the more careful you need to be. Avoid strenuous exercise, tight fitting clothing or creams that suffocate your skin. Your tattoo needs to breathe and you need to rest so your body can do its job and heal your skin properly.

Remember to drink water and eat well - you are what you eat. If you give your body the proper nutrients, you will heal faster. Foods rich in Vitamin C help build collagen to repair damaged skin.

Last but not least. This part's important: use good aftercare! Petroleum, preservatives and chemicals are toxic and are never a good idea. A natural/ bio available product is the best way to go - you want to protect your investment. That's where we come in!


Beauty Brew Tattoo Aftercare is unique because we are all natural and every ingredient we use has a purpose. It's not jam packed with 50 "natural" ingredients that you need a google search to understand. We have 6 time tested ingredients that you can pronounce and that's it. Every ingredient is an active ingredient that works in harmony with the others. The synergy between oils is what sets this little jar apart from the rest. 100% active, high potency oils. Results you will see right away and love.

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