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LUNA CBD Face Oil is a relaxing and nourishing face oil that helps to reduce redness and calm acne-prone skin while you sleep. This powerful formula is infused with Full Spectrum CO2 Extracted CBD, French Lavender Oil, Lavender derived Retinol, and Vitamin E to provide a range of antioxidant, firming, repairing, and naturally antiseptic properties.

Our face oil is formulated with only the highest quality ingredients, including full-spectrum CBD oil, lavender oil, retinol, and Vitamin E. The CBD helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing, while the lavender oil and retinol provide soothing and firming benefits. The Vitamin E provides powerful antioxidant protection to help repair and protect the skin.

This fast-absorbing face oil is easy to apply and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Simply apply a couple of drops to the face after cleansing and toning as part of your nighttime skincare routine for best results.

Experience the relaxing, nourishing benefits of LUNA CBD Face Oil for yourself and add this powerful face oil to your skincare and self-care routine.


  • Apply a few drops all over your face and nack after cleansing. If you're using a serum that's oil free, use the serum first and LUNA on top. If you're using a night balm or cream, LUNA should be applied first under your moisturizer.

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