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Microblading & Aftercare Instructions


Microblading is the art of manually tattooing fine hairs to create the shape of eyebrows for sparse, thin or bald brows. While similar to healing a regular tattoo, there is some extra care that you have to take when healing freshly microbladed eyebrows. Many people start to fade at the 6 month to one year mark but its possible for fading to occur sooner as every skin type hold pigment differently. For example, oilier skin might have a harder time holding pigment and may require more session to achieve a complete brow.

It is recommended that you get a touch-up at the six week mark. A touch-up is supposed to be just a touch-up and not a complete redo of the initial procedure. There it a flat fee for your first appointment and the 6 week touch up is complimentary.. Microblading pigments are not the same as tattoo inks they are semi-permanent and should be cared for as such.


Proper after-care will help encourage a healthy heal and reduce ink rejection.

The most crucial part of healing a new tattoo is your overall health and hygiene. Always listen to your artist and follow the instructions that they recommend. This page only serves as a general guideline for proper healing instructions. You may have different needs and after-care is something you should always discuss with your own PMUA or microblading technician.

24 HOURS BEFORE your Eyebrow Microblading or shading appointment: Avoid alcohol, aspirin, blood thinners unless instructed by your physician.

7 days before your appointment: Stop taking Vitamin E, B6, Omega 3, Ginko Biloba and St. Johns wort can the contribute to blood thinning and may make you bleed more which may effect the results of procedure. You may resume taking your vitamins 72 hours after.

On the day of your appointment : Avoid caffeine and exercise. Wash your face and hair in the morning as you will need to avoid the shower for several days after, baths are recommended.

Pigments from microblading are not implanted as deep into the skin as a traditional tattoo or even with an electric permanent makeup tattoo machine. This allows for healed results of very fine thin and crisp hair strokes, However, results do not last as long as traditional tattooing methods. A color boost touch-up is required between 12-18 months, sooner for oilier skin types, those who tan and do regular chemicals peels.

Pigment retention varied depending on skin type, age, aftercare, immune system, medications, certain chemicals, and types of pigments used.

 All materials used during each and every appointment are 100% disposable. We strictly adhere to AAM Board Of Health & SPCP guidelines for proper infection control practices and follow all state guidelines and regulations.





  • Do not apply makeup to your eyebrows during the entire healing process

  • Do not use Peroxide or Neosporin on treated areas

  • Do not get eyebrows wet for 7-10 days during the healing process. Consult with your practitioner before getting them wet.

  • If your eyebrow get wet, pat them dry (DO NOT RUB) and contact your practitioner.

  • Do not rub, pick or scratch your eyebrows following this procedure and during the entire healing process.

  • If your eyebrows get itchy, scab or feel dry, DO NOT SCRATCH them. Gently tap to release the itch. 

  • Avoid daily skin care products with glycolic or salicylic acids as well as anti-aging and skin lightening products anywhere around the eye & eyebrow area.

  • Our pigments are MRI safe but if you've had microblading done and are due for an MRI, please inform your doctor. 


To help soothe itching and speed up your healing process and maintain your new eyebrows, we recommend using BEAUTY BREW aftercare.

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